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Receiver - Harvesting Equipment

is well situated in close planting situations. It only 

has one elevator, cutting maintenance to a minimum. It can still expand for wide spacing as well. This machine offers better visibility for the operator than any other machine on the market today. It pairs seamlessly with our Side by Side Shaker to offer a very versatile set of harvesters. 

Straight Through Pan

Straight Through Pan

Straight Through Pan

The Weldcraft Straight Through Pan


  • Sweepers

  • Bulk nut attachments

  • Prune sizer

  • Walnut cleaning chain

Hydraulic System

  • Danfoss main pump

  • Danfoss 75CC hydrostatic motor

  • Danfoss PVG valves

  • Gates hydraulic hoses and fittings

  • 15-40W high grade oil


  • 30" wide

  • PVC belt with vulcanized cleat attached to 550 chain


  • Positioned with a clear view of the conveyor and tree line

  • Joystick controls

  • Adjustable seat height

  • Complete engine and hydraulic system gauge package


  • Lights for night operation

  • Low profile design

  • Hydraulic sliding top decks

  • All-wheel drive (3WD)

  • All wheel steering

  • High capacity fuel and hydraulic oil tanks

  • Tight turning radius


  • John Deere 4045 turbo 99HP Tier 3 (option 1)

  • Kubota V3800 turbo 99HP Tier 3 (option 2)

  • High debris radiator

  • Oil cooler

  • Danfoss hydrostatic transmission

  • Danfoss single speed wheel motors

  • Auburn Gear planetary hubs

  • Parking brake

  • 12/16.5 10 PLY heavy duty tires

  • Dual dry element air cleaner with pre cleaner




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