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Add the optional WEED ∙ IT Spot Spray System and watch your chemical savings increase up to 


an extremely rugged vehicle. It will cut your spraying cost by

saving you chemicals and lowering your maintenance time.

The Weldcraft Strip Sprayer is

Strip Sprayer

Strip Sprayer

Strip Sprayer

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      with a new

  low profile            design

Strip Sprayer - 2


  • Hydraulic lift up and down booms

  • Boomless nozzle for ditch banks

  • Hand gun with 100' hose reel

  • Stereo system: AM, FM, and CD

  • Twin backup monitoring cameras     with 7" touch screen display

  • 400 gallon tank

  • Crop Guards

  • Up to 6 separate spray controls

Dimensions & Capacities

  • Length - 14' 8"

  • Width - 6' without booms, 8' with booms

  • Height - 5' (Below Industry Avg.)

  • Turning radius - 20'

  • Spray tank - 300 gallons (opt. 400 gallon)

  • Fuel & Hydraulic tanks - 30 gallons

Do you spray pre-emergents?

Never worry about clogged tips again with the

only Dual spray unit on the market.

Keep the leading Weldcraft Spray System when you add the option of the WEED-IT Spot Sray system. 


  • "NEW" Fully Touch Screen Display

  • Pressurized air conditioned cab

  • Fully padded and insulated

  • Cab filtration

  • All fly by wire controls


  • Lights for night operation

  • Low profile design

  • WCI spray control system

  • TDXL tee jet nozzles - your choice on size

  • Two-wheel drive (2WD)

  • High capacity fuel and  hydraulic oil tanks

  • Hydraulic swing side booms

  • Rear boom


  • Cat C3.6 Turbo Tier 4 Final - 74BHP 

  • High debris radiator

  • Oil cooler

  • Flotation tires

  • A/C / Heater combo

  • Headlights, boom, and hazard LED lights

  • Load sense closed loop hydraulic system

  • Danfoss variable speed wheel motors

  • Auburn planetary hubs

  • Parking brake

  • Front 25x10.5-15 Tires

  • Rear 31x15.5-15 Tires

  • Dual dry element air cleaner with pre cleaner

  • Danfoss hydrostatic transmission




Weed-It Logo - Green.png

Our climate is constantly changing so we must change with it in order to preserve resources for sustainable farming. WEED-IT is the most accurate, fastest and the easiest to use weed detection and elimination technology available.

Weed detection and elimination has become a priority for farmers across the world with our every changing climate. WEED-IT Quadro is helping farmers everywhere to decrease their chemical usage and fight weed resistance with its precision spraying technology. By detecting only plants and not bare ground, it helps you save up to 90% on chemical costs, improve soil quality, and is better for our ecosystems.

​WEED-IT has taken a stronghold in the permanent tree industry in California & Hawaii.

  • Customers are seeing over 90% chemical savings by only targeting the weeds in both the berms and middles of the rows.

  • The environmental and social impact of WEED-IT in food production crops is proving to be as influential as the chemical that is saved.

  • The drastic reduction in burndown chemicals applied to areas where there are no weeds provide greater soil and plant health.

  • The reduction of residual chemistry on the ground is providing increased soil and plant health to food production crops.

Watch it pay for itself in just a few years!

  • "NEW" Fully Touch Screen Display

  • Improved accuracy

  • Downloadable daily data files

  • Industry first built-in cruise control

New Touch Screen Display

  • Ease of operator programming

  • Integrated engine monitoring gauges

    • with built-in warning signals​

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