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designed for use

with the Weldcraft

Bankout. The Elevator is self-propelled to move to another truck unassisted.

The Weldcraft Field Elevator is

Feild Elevator - Harvesting Equipment

Field Elevator

Field Elevator

Field Elevator

Hydraulic System

  • Danfoss pump

  • Danfoss PVG proportional valves


  • Trash Blower

  • Push to position or ground drive

  • Walnut cleaning chain

  • Z top belt


  • Available with the Cat C3.4 (74.3 bhp) Tier 4 Final (non-DEF engine)

  • High debris radiator

  • Oil cooler

  • Lights for night operation

  • Danfoss single speed wheel motor

  • 36" wide conveyor belts

  • Parking brake

  • Dual man platforms

  • Dual dry element air cleaner with pre cleaner

  • 3/8" thick front skid plate

  • Heavy duty axles 




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