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pairs with our Continuous Flow 90° and our old 

Straight Through 

Pan Receivers. This makes our machines very versatile allowing them to harvest many types of trees, dense planting or wide spacing in the toughest of conditions. 

The Weldcraft Side by Side Shaker

Side by Side Shaker

Side by Side Shaker

Side by Side Shaker



  • Shake patterns

  • Sweepers

  • Deflector size and cut outs

  • Soft padding


  • Low position with clear view of shaker head and tree line

  • Complete hydraulic system gauge package

  • Joystick control

  • No high pressure oil around operator

  • Electronic throttle pedal

  • Engine monitor with programmable screen display

Shaker Head

  • Weldcraft twin shaft

  • Case made of 3/8" steel plate

  • VOAC F12-080 drive motor

  • Auto sling lubrication system

  • Dual belt drive

  • 2 heavy duty double roller bearings per shaft

  • Greasable shaft bearings

  • 20" oval pads

  • 3 point mounting system with oversized hanger mounts

Hydraulic System

  • Danfoss pressure compensated main pump

  • Danfoss 75CC hydrostatic motor

  • PVG Danfoss valves

  • Weldcraft head control manifold

  • Gates hydraulic hoses and fittings

  • Performance 500 SPX Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (THF)


  • Lights for night operation

  • High strength tubular deflector design

  • Expandable for close or wide tree spacing

  • Hydraulic adjustable deflector angle

  • Soft padding

  • Joystick controls

  • Stainless steel water tank

  • High capacity hydraulic oil and fuel tanks

  • All-wheel drive (3WD)

  • Hydraulic sliding top decks


  • Available with either

    • Cat C3.6 (74 bhp) Tier 4 Final (non-DEF engine)

    • Cat C3.6 (121 bhp) Tier 4 Final (DEF engine)

  • High debris radiator

  • Danfoss hydrostatic transmission

  • Danfoss single speed wheel motors

  • Auburn Gear planetary hubs

  • Parking brake

  • 12/16.5 10 PLY heavy duty tires

  • Dual dry element air cleaner with pre cleaner

  • Oil cooler




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