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safest machines on the market.

The Weldcraft Pruning Towers have

Pruning Tower

Pruning Tower

Pruning Tower

Pruning Tower

been manufactured for over 40 years. These machines have the most power and are the smoothest and 

Pruning Tower


  • Dual drive tires for better flotation and stability

  • Smooth operation

  • All functions controlled from the bucket

  • Ariel lift harness system

  • One piece bucket design

  • Joystick control

  • All hosing enclosed under machine and in the bucket

  • Easy tow ability

  • Cat C1.1 tier 4 diesel engine

  • 2 speed ground drive system

  • Large capacity hydraulic and fuel tanks

  • Auto shut-down system

  • 25' platform height

  • 35'effective work height

Hydraulic System

  • Danfoss main pump

  • Danfoss drive motors

  • Auburn Gear planetary hubs

  • Weldcraft multifunction valve block





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