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the industries premier machine for over 30 years. It can carry more weight and handle

more bins in a day than a standard pick-up. Handling all types of crops in a variety of bin sizes.

The Weldcraft Bin Carrier has been

Bin Carrier

Bin Carrier

Bin Carrier

Bin Carrier


  • Rubber roller front forks

  • Bulks insert kit

  • Traction valve

  • Front and rear bin stops


  • Suspension seat

  • Complete hydraulic system gauge package

  • Digital engine monitor

  • Joystick controls

  • Weldcraft original shift on the  go speed package

  • Operator bin protection

  • Electronic throttle pedal


  • 4" x 4" x 3/8" main frame

  • Weldcraft original design heavy duty axles

  • Leaf spring & air bag suspension

  • Quad chain conveying system

  • All-wheel drive (4WD)

  • Machined chain rollers with bearings

  • 7 bin capacity - fully/empty

  • Low profile construction

Hydraulic System

  • Danfoss gear pump

  • Danfoss 75CC hydrostatic motor

  • PVG Danfoss valves

  • Gates hydraulic hose and fittings

  • Performance 500 SPX Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (THF)


  • Lights for night operation

  • Easy maintenance

  • Independent rear steering

  • All hoses covered and guarded

  • Engine and fuel tank limb guards

  • High capacity fuel and hydraulic oil tanks

  • Rugged high strength chassis construction


  • Cat C3.6 (74 bhp) Tier 4 Final (non-DEF engine)

  • High debris radiator

  • Oil cooler

  • Danfoss hydrostatic transmission

  • Danfoss 2 speed wheel motors

  • Auburn Gear planetary hubs

  • Parking brake

  • 12/16.5 10 PLY heavy duty tires

  • Dual dry element air cleaner with pre cleaner




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